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Mizu Izakaya

Girl With Balloon




in a shaker, combine:

• 1 ½ ounces Don Julio Blanco tequila
• 1 ounce matcha liqueur
• ½ ounce matcha-infused cacao juice
• ¼ ounce yuzu blend
• ¼ ounce honey simple syrup

Add ice and mix. Pour into an ice-filled, footed highball glass and garnish with ube cheese foam and edible paint, and top with the lavender-filled balloon.



Denver, Colorado

What is the name of your cocktail?
Girl With Balloon

What inspired this garnish?
The overall combination of garnishes was inspired by Banksy’s painting “Girl with Balloon.” The cocktail is a painting. And brings the guest into the painting to enjoy an experience.

The heart-shaped balloon found in the painting is believed to represent love, hope, innocence, childhood, and self-confidence. It’s thought that the piece symbolizes losing something which is within your grasp.

In the cocktail the balloon is filled with the essence of lavender and is popped after the guest receives the cocktail. The experience evokes feelings of excitement, sadness, and serenity. After the balloon is popped the guest removes the “string,” they are invited to drink the cocktail. The primary garnish is an ube cheese foam. As they drink the foam paints a mustache on the guest. After every sip a different “painting” is made or received. The glass is painted with edible paint to truly make the cocktail feel like a painting.

What’s the inspiration behind this cocktail?
The cocktail itself is based off of “Cheese Tea,” a somewhat recent fad in Asian countries slowly making its way to the United States. The fad started taking over the boba tea craze. The overall cocktail is based off of a matcha tea latte concept. A balance of earthy dry body balanced with a creamy, baking-spice sweetness.

The Top 8 bartenders that get the most votes move on to the live finale! 



Improper City


March 9th • 6pm


Sample the finalist’s cocktails and help us select the champion of the 2020 Garnish Games.

Admission is free and so are the drink samples!